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Telecommunication network challenges have become a pressing issue for the residents of Kundugu and Bawiesibelle in the Upper West Region.
The lack of reliable mobile phone network coverage has significantly impacted the economic activities and social life of the people in these areas.
As part of a familiarization tour, Upper West Regional Minister Hon. Stephen Yakubu gained firsthand insight into the connectivity issues faced by residents of Kundugu and Bawiisibelle communities in the Wa East and Sissala East districts, respectively.
In meetings with Chiefs and community members, the urgent need for improved telecommunication infrastructure was a dominant theme.
The Chief of Bawiesibelle, Alhaji Abdul Salam Akate highlighted the essential benefits of network connectivity in today’s world. “Honorable Minister, the network in the 21st century has numerous benefits,” he stated.
He expressed disappointment that despite promises made before the 2020 elections, the network had not yet been established in the area. “We plead with you as the Regional Minister to take up the issue with the network operators,” he urged.
The Chief emphasized the severe implications of the lack of connectivity, pointing to the poor road network and the distance between the community and the nearest security post.
“In cases where there is a robbery attack, how are we going to communicate to the police to come to our aid?” he questioned.
Similarly, the Chief of Kundugu, Kuoro Hadi Assimbie II voiced concerns about the absence of mobile telecommunication network connectivity in the Kudugu enclave.
“Another bottleneck of our people which I would also like to draw your attention to is the absence of mobile telecommunication network connectivity in the Kudugu enclave,” he stated.
He underscored the severe consequences of this challenge, emphasizing the need for urgent government intervention. “The negative consequence of this challenge, Honourable Minister, I guess, can be anybody’s guess,” he added.
In response, Hon. Stephen Yakubu acknowledged the pressing concerns raised by the Chiefs. He assured them that the government would prioritize addressing these issues, particularly the enhancement of mobile network connectivity and the improvement of road infrastructure.
“We understand the critical role that connectivity plays in modern life, and we are committed to resolving these issues promptly,” the Minister stated.

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