Our Vision

To be a responsible, accountable, transparent and a responsible administrative body that guarantees corporate administration of the Upper West Region for accelerated economic growth and development.

Our Mission

The office of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council exists to ensure total development of the region through improvement of the human and natural resources of the region through monitoring, coordination and evaluation of activities and plans of the Municipal/District Assemblies, Ministries, Department and Agencies as well as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Core Values

The core values of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council include transparency, accountability, team work, cost efficiency and hard work.

Welcome to the Upper West Region

The Upper West Region was created in 1983 and it is the youngest of the ten (10) regions in the country. It is located in the North Western part of Ghana. The prime occupation of the people is agriculture in which 80% are engaged in. Issues of agriculture development are ranked high in view of the fact that it is the main stay of the population.

The Upper West Region has a vision of being a prosperous model region, which harnesses it resources in a responsible, equitable, transparent and sustainable manner through a well-developed system to create opportunities for all.

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