UW Regional Minister Praises Workers

Amidst the vibrant celebrations of May Day, the Upper West Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu, delivered speeches that resonated with workers across Ghana.

The address delivered on this auspicious occasion, shed light on the critical role of workers in national development and underscored the challenges they face.

Addressing vociferous workers at the Wa Jubilee Park in the Upper West Region, Hon. Stephen Yakubu emphasized the indispensable contributions of workers to the nation’s progress.

He praised their dedication and resilience, acknowledging them as the driving force behind Ghana’s economic growth.

The Minister assured workers of the government’s commitment to improving wages and conditions, urging peaceful dialogue in addressing labor issues.

He also highlighted the importance of unity and mutual respect, particularly in the context of the upcoming elections.

Delivering a speech on behalf of the National Secretary of TUC, the regional secretary of TUC Brother Godwin Gariba echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the theme chosen by the TUC: “ELECTION 2024: THE ROLE OF WORKERS AND SOCIAL PARTNERS IN SECURING PEACEFUL ELECTIONS FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT.”

He stressed the need for all Ghanaians to work together to maintain peace during the electoral process.

Dr. Baah commended the Inspector-General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, for his leadership in ensuring peace and security, highlighting the importance of his role in safeguarding democratic principles.

Dr. Baah also addressed the socio-economic challenges faced by workers, including the high cost of living, inflation, and unemployment. He called for collective action to protect workers’ rights and improve their living standards.

The Secretary General highlighted ongoing efforts to review labor laws and address pension concerns, urging the government to ratify international conventions and tackle issues such as dumsor (power outages) and violence at work.

As Ghana continues on its path of development, the voices of workers remain essential in shaping a brighter future for all citizens.

The May Day celebrations served as a powerful reminder of the invaluable contributions of workers to Ghana’s growth and development. Through their dedication and resilience, workers embody the spirit of solidarity and collective action, driving progress and prosperity across¬†the¬†nation.

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