The Upper West Regional Minister urges Heads of departments to be diligent in their work.
The Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu, has reiterated the critical significance of diligence among heads of department in the development of the region.
In a concerted effort to address the pressing issue of poverty, Hon. Stephen Yakubu emphasized the need for proactive and dedicated action among departmental leaders.
Poverty remains a pervasive challenge confronting the people of the Northern Sector, and Hon. Yakubu expressed profound concern over its enduring prevalence within the Northern Sector of Ghana.
He underscored the urgent need for decisive measures to tackle this issue head-on and highlighted the pivotal role that heads of departments play in effecting positive change to bridge the gap between the North and the South.
During an inter sectoral regional heads of departments meeting convened on Wednesday 7th May 2024, Hon. Yakubu took the opportunity to introduce himself to the assembled heads of departments and he sought to inspire and mobilize them towards collective action for the welfare of the region.
Recognizing the significant influence and responsibilities vested in departmental leaders, Hon. Yakubu urged them to harness their expertise and resources towards addressing the root causes of poverty.
The Regional Minister’s emphasis on the importance of diligence served as a rallying cry in galvanizing departmental leaders to redouble their efforts in service of the region.
As part of his vision for transformative change, Hon. Yakubu called on departmental leaders to embrace innovation and creativity in their approaches in order to achieve better results.

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