UDS Lecturers among the Best in the Country and we Need their Ideas in Reviewing the Regional Development Strategy-Upper West Regional Minister


The Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih has called for suggestions and ideas from the UDS lecturers and stakeholders towards reviewing the Regional Development Strategy (RDS).  According to him, the Regional Coordinating Council was working hard towards reviewing the RDS document and that having being an alumnus of the University and knowing the good lecturers the university have, he would tap their ideas to be incorporated into the strategy so that they can together develop the region and move the region forward.

The Minister made the call when the Governing Council led by the Council Chairman called on him in his office on 13th May, 2019 to congratulate him, on his appointment and introduce the Governing Council to him. The courtesy call was also to discuss some relevant issues confronting the University.

On his part, the Council Chairman indicated how excited they were when they heard that Dr. Bin Salih who is an alumnus, was appointed as the Upper West Regional Minister. He said they were proud of him and promised the minister their support in moving the region forward.

The Council Chair also noted that, the university was in a transition period and that a team has been set up by the Council to do all the grounds work in ensuring a smooth transition. He said the Governing Council would do everything possible to ensure that government intentions for making the university autonomous are achieved.

He added that the school currently lack some basic infrastructure such us, library complex and hostel facilities for students that needed serious attention.

Dr. Bin Salih appreciated their visit and indicated to them that UDS has shaped his life in so many ways which he believes contributed to his appointment as the Regional Minister and that he would not disappoint them. He said he would do everything possible to make UDS and the good people of Upper West proud.

The Minister commended the University Council for opening a health facility in the region that has now become a referral point, due to their quality health professional and good service delivery. He assured that, whatever the RCC would do to make the clinic function well to achieve its core mandate would be done. As such, the Council should not hesitate calling on the RCC when they need any form of support that would help the clinic enhance its service delivery.

Touching on the transition of the University, Dr. Bin Salih indicated that the people of Upper West Region are anxiously waiting for the transition and that he prays that it come to fruition. He noted that at the last Cabinet Meeting, the President indicated to them that he wanted all the new universities to become operational this year, 2019.

Responding to the infrastructural needs of the school, the Minister said he has taken note of all the projects the RCC started in the school, and that he would work hard towards the completion of such projects. He asked the University to submit the list of all uncompleted projects so that he can make follow ups from the Ministry to ensure their completion. The University is expected to furnish the office of the Upper West RCC with the list of all uncompleted projects by next week for further action.




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