Upper West Regional Minister supports Charia Bachu Football Club.

In a heartwarming gesture, Charia Bachu Football Club’s management team extended their deep appreciation to Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, the Regional Minister, for his generous contributions of footballs and kits. The timely and valuable donation from the Minister has significantly boosted the club’s capabilities, addressing crucial logistics needs.

Facing pressing challenges, the football club found a much-needed ally in the Regional Minister’s donation, and the management conveyed their sincere thanks for the impactful support. They emphasized the positive influence the new equipment is expected to have on the team’s overall performance.

Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, in a warm reception of the club’s delegation, shared the motivation behind his commitment to supporting Charia Bachu Football Club. Having encountered the dedicated young football players during his community engagements, he witnessed their passion despite the lack of proper equipment. In response, Dr. Salih pledged two sets of jerseys, five footballs, and an undisclosed cash amount to bridge this gap.

Underlining the significance of football, the Regional Minister encouraged the players to consider sports as a viable profession with the potential to contribute to reducing unemployment rates in the region. He affirmed the government’s dedication to Charia by announcing plans for the construction of the Wa Charia road, complemented by street lighting. Dr. Bin Salih assured that necessary steps, including securing a contractor, had been taken to initiate these impactful projects.

Expressing a personal connection to Charia, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih emphasized the community’s special place in his heart. He concluded the interaction by assuring the football club and the broader community of the government’s steadfast commitment to bringing more developmental projects to Charia.

With tangible resources and newfound encouragement, Charia Bachu Football Club is now well-equipped to not only enhance its sporting prowess but also to view football as a serious avenue for growth and development in the region. The Minister’s support serves as a catalyst for the club’s aspirations, marking a positive step towards fostering sports and community development in Charia.

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