Sensitisation Workshop

The Office of the Head of the  Local Government Service in collaboration with the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council had on Monday 17th September 2018 organized a Regional sensitization workshop on the inter-service and sectorial collaboration and cooperation system at the upper West Regional Coordinating Council.  The workshop was organized to enhance and improve the existing collaboration and cooperation among institutions and agencies of state.

The Deputy Regional Minister, Hon Amidu Chinia in his address indicated that the decentralization program embarked upon in the country seeks to provide quality service to the people particularly at the local level. He said Citizenry on their part was very conscious of their right.

According to him, the Local Government Service was not the only public service organization that provides public service at the local level and that there were other public sector organizations under the constitution that equally have the mandate to also provide services to the constituents at the local level.

“These organizations have two things in common. Firstly, they are all established to provide services to the people and secondly, they derive funding from the state purse” he noted

As such, it was therefore important that the state organizations collaborate and cooperate among themselves and in turn with non-state actors to improve on service delivery.

“Inter service and sectorial collaboration and cooperation will also encourage planning and implementation of programs and projects among various services, sectors and departments both at the Regional and District levels.  Hence the need for inter-service and sectorial collaboration at the local level cannot be over emphasized” he explained

He further saluted the Office of the Head of the Local Government Service for taking the initiative to embark on the nationwide sensitization program on the need for inter-service and inter sectorial collaboration and cooperation.

The Director of Policy, Budget, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Mr. Gregory Ada who delivered an address on behalf of the Head of Service indicated that the inter-service and sectorial collaboration and cooperation system was developed for adoption and used by all partners on the strength of the provision in the Local Governance  Act 2016, [Act 936] section 63[4] [C] which states that “ The Head of Local Government Service shall  establish systems of effective inter-service and sectorial collaboration and cooperation between the service and other public service to harmonize local programs and avoid duplication with the approval of the council”.

“ The Local Government Service acknowledges with gratitude the collaboration and support of key stakeholders from MDAs, Public Service, Regional Coordinating Councils, MMDAs and other institutions in the development and institutionalization of this system” he explained

He noted that the expected impacts from implementing the inter-service and sectorial collaboration and cooperation system included, enhanced holistic planning, reduced institutional conflicts, judicious use of resources, improved participation, transparency and accountability in service delivery, improved local economy, poverty reduction, employment generation and general rise in household income, enhanced social cohesion, gender mainstreaming in service delivery and improved environmental conditions.

The Upper West Regional Coordinating Director, Alhaji Abdulai Abubakar on his part assured the team from the Office of the Head of the Local Government Service that practicing inter-service and sectorial collaboration and cooperation had been the hall mark for the Upper West Region for some time now and that they would continue to collaborate and network so that development would be extended.

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