Management of Jamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic Girls SHS Expresses Gratitude to UWR Minister for Fence Wall Project

In a gesture of gratitude, the management of Jamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic Girls Senior High School paid a courtesy call to the Upper West Regional Minister to express their appreciation for his instrumental role in securing the fence wall project for the school.

The purpose of the visit was to acknowledge the minister’s efforts and extend gratitude for his continues support to the school.

During the meeting, the Upper West Regional Minister expressed relief upon receiving positive feedback from the school management regarding the fence wall project.

The minister provided a detailed account of the initial steps taken to facilitate the awarding of the fence wall project.

He explained that the process began by commissioning a consultant to mark the site, a crucial task that received financial support from the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC).

Despite encountering a setback when seeking support from the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND), as their focus was on constructing dormitories and classrooms for Senior High Schools due to the free SHS program, the minister remained undeterred.

He recounts how he sent his Public Relations Officer and Personal Assistant to the school to make some video documentary about the school which he reached out to the Turkish and Palestinian embassies, appealing for assistance through the video presentations.

Furthermore, the minister acknowledged the significance of the endorsement from the Wa Naa in his efforts to gain the attention of the President or Vice President on the project.

During a visit by the President to Wa, both the minister and the Wa Naa emphasized the urgent need for a fence wall at Jamiat Islamic Girls, underscoring the necessity for immediate action.

In response to their appeals, the President immediately directed the Zongo Development Fund to provide the necessary support for the construction of the fence wall, although the project was initially excluded from their annual budget.

Demonstrating his commitment to the cause, the minister ensured that the contract was awarded to a capable and competent contractor.

On his part, the Board Chairperson of Jamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic Girls SHS, Hajia Fusata Hamidu, emphasized the school’s dedication to delivering quality education to girls.

She expressed gratitude to the President, minister and the Wa Naa for their support in fulfilling the school’s request for a fence wall.

The Board chairperson highlighted the significance of providing a secure environment for the girls and acknowledged the positive impact the fence wall would have on their education.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Chairman of the school took the opportunity to thank the minister for selecting a reputable contractor who demonstrated seriousness and commitment to the project and that work was progressing at a faster rate than expected.

Moreover, he took the chance to advocate for the installation of street lights, which would enhance the safety and security of the school community.

The courtesy call provided an avenue for the management of Jamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic Girls to express their heartfelt appreciation to the Upper West Regional Minister for his instrumental role in securing the fence wall project.

Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih reaffirmed his dedication to the educational sector and encouraged the school to approach him with any future concerns or requests.

With the continued support of the minister and other stakeholders, Jamiat Islamic Girls can thrive and provide a conducive environment for the education and empowerment of girls in the region.


Upper West Regional Minister Rescues Accident Victim on Wa Insurance Road.

In a display of prompt and compassionate leadership, the Upper West Regional Minister, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, halted his convoy on the Wa Insurance Road to assist a young accident victim.

Little Fatawu Ibrahim, approximately four years old and hailing from Dondoli, a suburb of Wa, was struck by a motorbike while crossing the road on his way home from school.

The motorbike rider initially offered limited assistance, but the Minister and his entourage, returning from the commissioning of the Jirapa Traditional Council’s new edifice in Jirapa, arrived at the accident scene in the nick of time.

Dr Bin Salih immediately stopped his vehicle, personally rushing the injured child to the hospital for urgent medical attention. The Minister dedicated nearly an hour at the hospital, ensuring that the young boy received thorough medical care before continuing with his official duties.

Prior to leaving the hospital, Dr Bin Salih entrusted the care of the child to the Regional Director of Education, Abdul Razak Korah, who arrived later at the medical facility.

Eye-witnesses reported that, initially, individuals near the accident scene attempted to shield the motorbike rider when questioned by the Minister. Despite the initial denial, further inquiry led to the admission of guilt by the motorbike rider. Subsequently, the police were alerted, and the young man was apprehended and taken to the police station.

This morning, reports from the Regional Director of Education conveyed positive news, stating that the boy’s parents had been located and contacted. The child, now in stable condition, was discharged from the hospital earlier today.