The Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu has inaugurated the commencement of the construction of 110 boreholes across the eleven municipalities and districts of the upper west region.
Funded through the district assembly common fund, each district is set to benefit from 10 boreholes, with the entire project slated for completion within three months.
During the symbolic sod-cutting ceremony held on May 9th, 2024, in Jinkpan, Hon. Stephen Yakubu, the Upper West Regional Minister, emphasized the imperative of governance transcending mere rhetoric to tangible actions that uplift and empower communities.
He highlighted the commitment of the government to development by revealing the completion of over 50 transformative projects, ready to be handed over to the beneficiaries.
Hon. Yakubu underscored the diverse yet unified nature of these projects, which span from infrastructure enhancements to social welfare initiatives.
Among the initiatives singled out for mention is a compost plant, scheduled for handover in the coming days.
The Minister indicated that these projects exemplify the government’s holistic approach to development, emphasizing sustainability alongside immediate needs.
The Minister emphasized the importance of governments prioritizing development over political expediency, stating, “It’s not about giving out money for votes”
He highlighted the enthusiasm among the populace as a testament to the transformative power of people-centric governance.
Importantly, Hon. Stephen Yakubu reiterated that these projects are not imposed upon communities but co-created with them, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are addressed.
The Contractor, Mr. Emmanuel Engamaaye affirmed his commitment to executing the project within the stipulated timeline.
He explained that the types of boreholes to be sunk are based on the preferences of the communities and the availability of electricity.

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