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Wa Naa invites Upper West Regional Minister to a meeting over alleged serial killings.

The Overlord of the Waala Traditional Area Wa Naa Seidu Fuseini Pelpuo IV, has summoned the Upper West Regional Minister Hon Stephen Yakubu to a meeting on Tuesday over the alleged killing of two night watchmen in the Wa municipality while on duty.
The Paramount Chief while expressing worry about the situation, appealed to the Minister for a collaboration between the the Ghana Police Service and the Traditional Council through the formation of watchdog committees in the communities of Wa to help stop the menace and bring the perpetrators to book.
According to the Chief, similar measures were used in supporting the Police in 2022 when same serial killings were happening in the municipality which led to the arrest of over 20 suspects.
He also used the opportunity to ask for an update on what happened to the suspects arrested in 2022.
In his part the Upper West Regional Minister Hon Stephen Yakubu commended the Overlord for inviting him for the engagement and assured the good people of the Upper West Region of working acidiously with the Regional Security Council in bringing the perpetrators to book.
He noted that, when the incident happened, he had to immediately counsel his working visit the Sisaala West and Lambussie districts and convey an emergency Regional Security Council meeting. He added that plans were mapped out by REGSEC to track down these assailants and also prevent such incidents occuring in the future.
Mr Stephen Yakubu welcomed the formation of the watchdog committees in the municipality suggested by the Wa Naa and indicated that, it was part of the plans mapped out by the REGSEC to get the community watchdogs formed to assist the police with information and bringing the perpetrators to book as soon as possible.
He appealed to the good people of Region to volunteer information on suspicious characters leaving with them in the neighborhood to the police to assist them in their investigations.
The Minister hinted that the IGP was sending a team of experts to the region help with the investigations.
The Regional Police Commander, DCOP Offei Lomotey also used the opportunity to brief the Overlord on what happened to the suspects arrested in the 2022 case.
He assured the Overlord that when the watchdog committees are formed, the police service will be working closely with them to help bring these miscreants to book.
The Minister was accompanied by the Members of the Regional Security Council members to the Palace of the Wa Naa.
The Ghana Police Service has commenced an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of two persons in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region.
The Ghana Police Service has commenced an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of two persons in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region.
The two incidents were recorded on Tuesday at the Wa East Education Service office and the Wa Model JHS School.


The Upper West Regional Minister Hon Stephen Yakubu visited the crime scenes of the alleged serial killing of two night watchmen in the Wa municipality. The Minister, who was expected to continue his working visit to the Sisaala West District, Lambussie and the Nandom districts had to cut short the official working visit and visit the crime scenes of the alleged murder cases.
Two night watch men were allegedly murdered on Tuesday 18th June 2024 in the Wa municipality at the Wa East GES office located in Wa municipal and the Wa model JHS respectively.
The Minister assured residents of Wa and the Region at large to be calm and that the Ghana Police service were doing their best and had opened a full investigation into the case in order to bring the perpetrators to book as soon as possible.
An emergency REGSEC Meeting was held to map up strategies in dealing with the situation in the Region.

Chief of Tumu Raises Concerns Over Neglect of Sissala Land in EU Roads Project

Infrastructure, particularly roads, plays a critical role in the development of any region. For agricultural communities like those in the Sissala land, good roads are essential for transporting produce to markets, accessing services, and stimulating economic activities.
The absence of such infrastructure can significantly hinder the growth and development of these areas.
During a recent visit to the the Tumu Traditional Area by the Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu, to introduce himself to the Paramount Chief and interact with the chiefs and people of the Traditional Area, the Chief of Kong, Kuoro Mahmoud Savei Zakaria who represented the Tumu Kuoro, voiced significant concerns regarding the slow pace and uneven distribution of road construction projects in the region.
In his speech, the Chief highlighted a pressing issue: the lack of proper road infrastructure linking the Upper East to the West regions.
He acknowledged that while the government has initiated construction projects, the progress has been disappointingly slow.
Kuoro Mahmoud Savei Zakaria expressed deep concerns about the exclusion of Sissala Land from a significant EU-funded road project.
“The worry and it remains a worry for us, is the EU road—a 60km road that was to be developed in the Upper West region. Not a single kilometer has been constructed in the Sissala area,” the Chief stated.
He emphasized that despite the promises made by various officials, including the outgoing Minister for Roads, the Minister for Agriculture, and the former Regional Minister, no substantial progress has been made in addressing the road needs of the Sissala area.
The Chief underscored the importance of these roads for farming communities, noting that the Sissala area is a significant agricultural hub within the Upper West region.
He cited the exceptional quality of corn produced in the Sissala area, as acknowledged by the current Minister for Agriculture, yet lamented that the region continues to be neglected in infrastructure development.
“What concerns us most is that these roads, if truly intended for farming areas, should have included the Sissala area, given our substantial contribution to agriculture,” he said.
The Chief’s speech is a stark reminder of the infrastructural challenges facing many rural areas in Ghana.
The Sissala area, known for its agricultural productivity, particularly in corn production, stands as a testament to the potential that remains untapped due to inadequate road infrastructure.
The current state of the roads hinders not only the transportation of goods but also the overall economic development of the region.
The Chief’s remarks are not just a call for better roads but a plea for recognition of the Sisslaa area’s contributions to the nation’s food security.
“This aspect we felt so discriminated against and neglected, that road will come for farming areas and Sissala area, they won’t get a kilometer.” he lamented.
This sense of neglect is echoed throughout the Sissala area, where the lack of proper road infrastructure is seen as a major barrier to development.
*Promises and Reality*
The Chief pointed out that despite repeated assurances from various government officials, including the outgoing Minister for Roads, the Minister for Agriculture, and the outgone Regional Minister, there has been no tangible progress.
This lack of follow-through on promises has led to a growing sense of frustration and disillusionment among the Sissala people.
The promises made have not translated into action, the Chief said, “We have heard from multiple officials that our needs will be addressed, yet we see no evidence of this on the ground.”
In his response, the Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu acknowledged the concerns of the Chief about the lack of proper road infrastructure in Sissala Land and assured the Chief of a thorough investigation and future inclusion in development plans.
He expressed his determination to understand why the area was excluded from the EU-funded road projects and to ensure that such oversights are addressed moving forward.
“In trying to investigate and find out about these EU projects and the roads, we will dig deep to discover why the entire Sissala West and Sissala East were not part of the program,” Hon. Yakubu said.
He acknowledged the Chief’s frustration, indicating that the omission might have stemmed from an oversight by the assessment team responsible for the allocation of the EU Road project.
“My understanding is that the people who came to do the assessment—I don’t know why they escaped Sissala, but we will work very closely to make sure that we also have a share of the cake,” he continued.
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Telecommunication network challenges have become a pressing issue for the residents of Kundugu and Bawiesibelle in the Upper West Region.
The lack of reliable mobile phone network coverage has significantly impacted the economic activities and social life of the people in these areas.
As part of a familiarization tour, Upper West Regional Minister Hon. Stephen Yakubu gained firsthand insight into the connectivity issues faced by residents of Kundugu and Bawiisibelle communities in the Wa East and Sissala East districts, respectively.
In meetings with Chiefs and community members, the urgent need for improved telecommunication infrastructure was a dominant theme.
The Chief of Bawiesibelle, Alhaji Abdul Salam Akate highlighted the essential benefits of network connectivity in today’s world. “Honorable Minister, the network in the 21st century has numerous benefits,” he stated.
He expressed disappointment that despite promises made before the 2020 elections, the network had not yet been established in the area. “We plead with you as the Regional Minister to take up the issue with the network operators,” he urged.
The Chief emphasized the severe implications of the lack of connectivity, pointing to the poor road network and the distance between the community and the nearest security post.
“In cases where there is a robbery attack, how are we going to communicate to the police to come to our aid?” he questioned.
Similarly, the Chief of Kundugu, Kuoro Hadi Assimbie II voiced concerns about the absence of mobile telecommunication network connectivity in the Kudugu enclave.
“Another bottleneck of our people which I would also like to draw your attention to is the absence of mobile telecommunication network connectivity in the Kudugu enclave,” he stated.
He underscored the severe consequences of this challenge, emphasizing the need for urgent government intervention. “The negative consequence of this challenge, Honourable Minister, I guess, can be anybody’s guess,” he added.
In response, Hon. Stephen Yakubu acknowledged the pressing concerns raised by the Chiefs. He assured them that the government would prioritize addressing these issues, particularly the enhancement of mobile network connectivity and the improvement of road infrastructure.
“We understand the critical role that connectivity plays in modern life, and we are committed to resolving these issues promptly,” the Minister stated.


Hon. Stephen Yakubu, the Upper West Regional Minister, undertook an inspection of the construction of the waste treatment plant situated in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region.
Accompanied by key stakeholders including the Wa Municipal Chief Executive, Issahaku Tahiru Moomin, the 2024 NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Hajia Humu Awudu, REGSEC members, and other esteemed dignitaries, the Minister’s visit aimed to assess the status of the project ahead of its imminent commissioning by the Vice President in the coming days.
During the inspection, the Minister and his delegation toured the facility, receiving assurances from the contractor regarding the commissioning of the project as expected.
The collaborative effort between the Jospong Group of Companies and the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources underscores a national commitment to constructing integrated recycling compost plants across all 16 regions in the country.
The significance of the project cannot be overstated, particularly in light of the daily generation of over 500 tonnes of solid waste in the Upper West Region.
Upon completion, this waste will be recycled into compost and other valuable plastic products, marking a significant step towards sustainable waste management practices in the region.
Moreover, the establishment of the waste treatment plant holds promise for employment generation, with projections indicating the creation of 75 direct jobs and 250 indirect jobs for youth in the region.
This not only addresses environmental concerns but also contributes to socio-economic empowerment within the community.


The Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu has inaugurated the commencement of the construction of 110 boreholes across the eleven municipalities and districts of the upper west region.
Funded through the district assembly common fund, each district is set to benefit from 10 boreholes, with the entire project slated for completion within three months.
During the symbolic sod-cutting ceremony held on May 9th, 2024, in Jinkpan, Hon. Stephen Yakubu, the Upper West Regional Minister, emphasized the imperative of governance transcending mere rhetoric to tangible actions that uplift and empower communities.
He highlighted the commitment of the government to development by revealing the completion of over 50 transformative projects, ready to be handed over to the beneficiaries.
Hon. Yakubu underscored the diverse yet unified nature of these projects, which span from infrastructure enhancements to social welfare initiatives.
Among the initiatives singled out for mention is a compost plant, scheduled for handover in the coming days.
The Minister indicated that these projects exemplify the government’s holistic approach to development, emphasizing sustainability alongside immediate needs.
The Minister emphasized the importance of governments prioritizing development over political expediency, stating, “It’s not about giving out money for votes”
He highlighted the enthusiasm among the populace as a testament to the transformative power of people-centric governance.
Importantly, Hon. Stephen Yakubu reiterated that these projects are not imposed upon communities but co-created with them, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are addressed.
The Contractor, Mr. Emmanuel Engamaaye affirmed his commitment to executing the project within the stipulated timeline.
He explained that the types of boreholes to be sunk are based on the preferences of the communities and the availability of electricity.

Nandom Boys SHS Leads the Way as First Beneficiary of “1 Student; 1 Tablet” Policy

Nandom Boys Senior High School received a donation of 1,138 tablets from the Ministry of Education, under the government’s policy initiative, “1 Student; 1 Tablet.”
The tablets were officially handed over to the students by the Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu, during a ceremony held at the school premises on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024.
With a student population of 1,136, every student will receive a tablet as per the policy requirements.
Addressing the gathering, the school prefect expressed a heartfelt appreciation for the donation saying “We know how much these equipments are going to help us,” the prefect remarked.
“Previously, we had only the library for our research work, and our ICT center was virtually empty. This donation will go a long way to help us enhance our educational status quo.”
Emphasizing the pioneering role of Nandom Boys SHS as the first beneficiary of the “1 Student; 1 Tablet” policy in the Upper West Region, the prefect extended gratitude to the Ministry of Education and the Upper West Regional Minister for their unwavering support.
“We as students of Nandom Senior High would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Ministry of Education for this great gesture,” the prefect stated, acknowledging the historic significance of the school’s role in spearheading this transformative initiative.
In an interview with Zakaria, the Health Prefect, on the sidelines, the sentiment of excitement and anticipation was obvious.
“We are very excited. I think this is the first time, and for our badge, this is something new,” Zakaria exclaimed.
“What they have given us is going to help us in our academic performance, and we will be able to use them to raise our results in this particular WASCE exam that we are going to write.”
The joy and gratitude expressed by students like Zakaria were echoed by Isaac, who expressed disbelief and overwhelming gratitude for the unexpected donation.
“I never thought this was going to come to pass because we all heard the rumors that they were to give us tablets. I am just amazed, I don’t know what to say,” Isaac expressed.
“God should bless them and help us use them wisely and successfully.”
Salam, another student, emphasized the commitment of the school to utilize the donated tablets for the benefit of all students.
“These items that are being delivered to us will be used for the benefit of the students,” Salam affirmed.
The significance of the donation was further emphasized by Stephen Yakubu, the Upper West Regional Minister during his speech.
“In any country that takes its education seriously, education affects your life. It affects your life and your future,” the Minister remarked.
The Minister emphasized the importance of cherishing and utilizing the tablets for their intended purpose while urging students to use the tablets responsibly.
“Let me plead on behalf of the government that you should use it very carefully. You should use it with the reason why it is given to you. You should not go and dash it to someone else. Don’t go and show off with it. That’s why there is a bag. Always make sure it is always in the bag.”
With the support of the government and other stakeholders, the students are poised to harness the transformative power of technology to unlock their full potential and shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.




The Upper West Regional Minister urges Heads of departments to be diligent in their work.
The Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu, has reiterated the critical significance of diligence among heads of department in the development of the region.
In a concerted effort to address the pressing issue of poverty, Hon. Stephen Yakubu emphasized the need for proactive and dedicated action among departmental leaders.
Poverty remains a pervasive challenge confronting the people of the Northern Sector, and Hon. Yakubu expressed profound concern over its enduring prevalence within the Northern Sector of Ghana.
He underscored the urgent need for decisive measures to tackle this issue head-on and highlighted the pivotal role that heads of departments play in effecting positive change to bridge the gap between the North and the South.
During an inter sectoral regional heads of departments meeting convened on Wednesday 7th May 2024, Hon. Yakubu took the opportunity to introduce himself to the assembled heads of departments and he sought to inspire and mobilize them towards collective action for the welfare of the region.
Recognizing the significant influence and responsibilities vested in departmental leaders, Hon. Yakubu urged them to harness their expertise and resources towards addressing the root causes of poverty.
The Regional Minister’s emphasis on the importance of diligence served as a rallying cry in galvanizing departmental leaders to redouble their efforts in service of the region.
As part of his vision for transformative change, Hon. Yakubu called on departmental leaders to embrace innovation and creativity in their approaches in order to achieve better results.
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The Office of the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council has held its staff durbar for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2024 at the RCC’s conference Hall on Thursday 3rd May 2024.
The durbar was organized to enable Staff of the Regional Coordinating Council interact with the new Upper West Regional Minister Hon Stephen Yakubu.
Hon Stephen Yakubu took over from Dr Hafiz Bin Salih who is also now the new Upper East Regional Minister.
The Staff durbar will help the Minister understand the welfare issues of staff and some challenges confronting them at work so as to proffer solutions to such challenges to enhance service delivery.
Addressing Staff of the RCC on Thursday morning, the Regional Minister Hon Stephen Yakubu pledged his unflinching support to all workers and encouraged them to give off their best so as to achieve the developmental agenda of the Region.
He noted that, as officials of the Regional Coordinating Council, bridging the gap between the North and the South could only be feasible if workers give off their maximum best at work and change their ways of doing things at work.
He commended staff of the RCC for their hard work towards the progress of the Office of the Regional Coordinating Council and that
he will continue from where his predecessor left and support staff to help drive towards the achievement of the RCC’S goals.
Hon. Stephen Yakubu encouraged staff to work hard to support the Government led by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo deliver it’s mandated to the good people of Ghana.
He also promised to continually see to the welfare of all staff within the RCC to ensure that they have a conducive environment for working.
The Minister is expected to also meet with Heads of Departments in the Region and commence a tour of the Region to interact with the chiefs and people of the Upper West Region

Upper West Regional Minister Meets With NPA

Upper West Regional Minister Calls for NPA to Establish Cylinder Manufacturing Company in Northern Ghana
The Upper West Regional Minister, Hon. Stephen Yakubu, articulated a compelling vision for economic development in Ghana during a town hall event held on April 29, 2024, at the Upper West Regional Library in Wa.
Addressing participants at a Town Hall Meeting on Cylinder Recirculation Model, Hon. Stephen Yakubu urged the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to take proactive steps towards establishing a cylinder manufacturing company in Northern Ghana.
He emphasized the potential transformative impact such an initiative could have on the local economy, particularly in terms of job creation for the youth.
Hon. Yakubu underscored the pressing need for sustainable employment opportunities in Northern Ghana, highlighting the significant socio-economic challenges facing the area.
By advocating for the establishment of a cylinder manufacturing company, he sought to address this need while also promoting economic diversification and resilience.
Moreover, Hon. Yakubu positioned the Cylinder Recirculation Model (CRM) as a pivotal component of the government’s strategy to promote environmental sustainability and public safety.
He lauded the CRM as a progressive policy aimed at encouraging the widespread adoption of LPG usage while mitigating the environmental impact of traditional energy sources.
By promoting clean energy alternatives, Hon. Yakubu asserted, the government could safeguard the environment for future generations and reduce the risk of gas-related accidents.
He therefore called upon the NPA to address community concerns and ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are taken into consideration.